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There are growing concerns for Christian children, adolescents, emerging adults and their parents as it relates to public schools and state universities. These concerns range from the absence of Christian principles to the quality of education to the negative treatment of Christ following students. However, not all concerned children, adolescents, emerging adults and parents can afford to attend private Christian schools and universities. It is our prayer to be able to be a blessing in the lives of these children, young adults and their families by supporting them with the financial cost of private Christian schools and universities.

Giving these children, adolescents and emerging adults the opportunity to strengthen their faith and strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ while protecting their young minds from the secular ideologies is priceless because it strengthens the Body of Christ in our communities across our God given country and it protects their salvation. If the public schools are going to continue to remove God from the schools and take parental rights from parents then as Christ followers we have the free will to remove our children from these schools because these schools are no longer safe for our young people.

The Save Our Sons and Daughters (S.O.S.A.D.) Scholarship was developed to give children, adolescents, emerging adults and their families the opportunity to receive a Christian education which otherwise could not be afforded. It is such a joy to know that our fellow brothers and sister in Christ are able to experience educational environments that operate from a biblical worldview.

There are certain requirements families and schools have to meet in order to get and maintain a S.O.S.A.D. scholarship. 

If your school would be interested in making this scholarship a resource for your current and future students and their families please contact us at and give us the name and contact information for the staff member who we are to contact. We look forward to speaking with you.       


List of several S.O.S.A.D. scholarship approved schools to come.

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